Swiss Miss Royalty

Swiss Miss Royalty 2020-2021

Swiss Miss — Sierra Nelson  

Sierra Nelson was born in St George, Utah and lived there until last year when her family moved to Midway where she instantly fell in love with the snowy mountains. Before moving to Midway, Sierra attended a school for performing arts and technology. She loves to sing and has performed in several musicals and show choirs. Sierra also loves snow skiing, wakeboarding, and rock climbing. Her favorite food is a cronut which is a cross between a croissant and a doughnut. She is funny, positive and takes pride in trying her best! As a representative of Midway Sierra is excited to serve the people in our community.

Swiss Miss Attendants

Aubrey May Iverson – 

Audrey May Iverson was born in Tucson, AZ. She moved to Ridgefield, WA at the age of 6 and then to Midway last August with her family. Audrey has learned to adapt to new surroundings, and can make friends easily. She is caring and kind to her younger sisters and brother and is a big help with them at home. Audrey is bright and excels in school. Not only does she like school because of the academics but because she enjoys interacting with people. Audrey’s talents include piano, violin, dance, swimming and basketball. 

Reese Hawkins  –

Reese Hawkins was born in Las Vegas on October 1st, 2007. She was able to avoid being the. Baby of the family by beating her twin brother into the world by one minute. When Reese was 2 she moved with her family to Phoenix where she lived until just last year when her family decided to ditch the heat and move to Midway. Reese excels in school and in the third grade she received 100% on the end of year state testing. Reese loves babysitting, shopping, cooking, decorating her bedroom and hanging out with friends. Reese is excited to be a part of Swiss Miss this year and to learn and try new things.

Gracie Miller   –

Gracie Miller was born on October 3, 2007. She’s a good friend, and a great sister & daughter. Gracie enjoys middle school and is working hard to stay on the honor roll. Most of her after school time is spent dancing on a team and when she’s not dancing, she is spinning (not walking). Gracie is an excellent swimmer, plays the piano and loves to do art and animation. You can often find Gracie in the kitchen where she’s especially particular about plating and presentation. Her parents are proud of the person she is and love that she still wants to be around them. Gracie is excited to be a part of Swiss Miss and looks forward to working with the other girls.

Elsie Malinka  –

Elsie Malinka is the oldest of an all-girl family. With 4 little sisters she always has someone to share a new talent or skill with. Elsie knows how to work hard and play hard. She is an honor roll student and in Spanish dual immersion. She loves swimming and has placed in her age division in regional USA swim meets. With her family she likes to down hill ski, snow shoe (but not in a blizzard!) and hike. She also loves to camp where the water is so clear you can see the bottom of the lake. In her free time, she enjoys baking, art and sewing for her sisters. Elsie loves Midways unique beauty and says that to serve here is a dream come true