Swiss Miss Royalty

Swiss Miss Royalty 2018

Swiss Miss 2015
Photo courtesy of Wendy Lee Photography

Drew Russell – Swiss Miss 2018

SwissMiss ImageDaughter of Allison and Ben Russell

Drew has lived in Midway for the past seven years. While living here she has developed a love of photography and taken classes to learn more about this art form. Drew is an accomplished dancer and trains year round in ballet, jazz, tap, and contemporary dance. She is an excellent student and served this year as a “Cool 2 Care” ambassador. Drew comes from a strong German heritage and enjoys the unique spirit that resides in this valley. She especially loves participating in the Swiss Days festivities!


Talin Leavitt – Attendant

SwissMiss ImageDaughter of Lindsay Brown and Curry Leavitt

Talin loves being on Student Council and volunteering with the “I Can” club working with special needs children. She is proud of her German heritage and loves her mom’s German pancakes. Talin has fun hanging out with her siblings and singing karaoke. She started writing her first young adult novel this year about a girl dealing with selfish parents and high school drama. (Her mother says this is not based on Talin’s real life.)




Payton Henderson – Attendant

SwissMiss ImageDaughter of Candace and Devin Henderson

Payton has lived in Midway her whole life. She is the oldest of five sisters and adds a lot of fun to her family. She has a love for baking and started a business last summer with her sisters. She also enjoys reading, writing, acting, dancing, and playing the piano and viola. She is friendly, kind, positive, and has genuine love for others. She has fun spending time with her friends and is always thinking of games to play or activities to do. Payton has a true zest for life!



Mallory Gray – Attendant

SwissMiss ImageDaughter of Darla and Doug Gray

Mallory was born and raised right here in Midway. She loves to serve others and is often late to class because she has stopped to help someone open their locker, pick up their books, or find their next class. Mallory loves talking to people of all ages and easily makes friends everywhere she goes. Her favorite hobbies include tap dancing, piano and ukulele, skiing, figure skating, and horseback riding. Mallory is always singing and recently started writing her own music and lyrics.



Siena Partridge – Attendant

SwissMiss ImageDaughter of Ariel and Tyler Partridge

Siena is a bright, hard-working, and passionate young lady. She excels in school, and particularly loves music (piano and clarinet) and English. Siena is a voracious reader and her love of words spills into all kinds of free-time activities, such a book creating and working on old-fashioned typewriters. Her favorite activity is Irish Dance, which she has been studying for four years. She loves living in Midway because it is friendly to some of her favorite activities — camping, hiking, skiing, kayaking, and lots of hammock reading in the summer. Though she’s only lived in the area for three years, Siena counts original Midway settlers as her ancestors


Swiss Miss 2015
Photo courtesy of Wendy Lee Photography