Honorable Citizens

Tom and Linda Whitaker are the parents of six children and moved to Midway over 28 years ago.

Tom spent his summers as a boy in Midway where his parents and uncles bought Schneider’s Hot Pots and turned it into the Homestead.

Tom and Linda met while attending BYU and believe it or not they honeymooned at the Homestead Resort.

They have a deep love for the Swiss heritage of Midway and Tom has taken most of his children to Interlocken, Switzerland.

Tom and Linda were the founders of the Cowboy Poetry Gathering and ran it for 18 years becoming one of the premiere gatherings in the nation. The first gathering took place in the Midway Town Hall.

They were called as venue chairs of the Soldier Hollow Olympic venue where they greeted leaders and athletes from around the world on behalf of the Salt Lake Olympic Committee.

During the Olympics they produced a Wild West show that sold out for 12 nights.

They have served on the Midway Boosters Committee, PTAs, and were on the board of the Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce.

During the summers of 1996 and 1997 they reenacted the Mormon Pioneer Wagon Train with their six children traveling from Nauvoo, Illinois to Salt Lake City, Utah over 1300 miles in a covered wagon.

They have been collecting western antiques most of their marriage and have a private collection that they open to the public for various occasions.

Over the past 28 years they have enjoyed farming and taking care of their many animals here in Midway.

They have a great love for the town and people of Midway and we, as people of Midway, are deeply honored they accepted this recognition.