Community Service

  • Swiss Miss 2019
    Photo courtesy of Wendy Lee Photography

The origin of the Swiss Days event date back to the late 1940’s as the harvest was being completed, local farmers and ranchers got together for a celebration of bountiful harvest.

“Harvest Days” became Swiss Days and presented the opportunity to dress in the traditional clothing unique to the canton or region of Switzerland where our ancestors were born.

Midway Boosters, Inc was organized at a not-for-profit corporation and established a charter and mission statement to provide volunteer resources for the benefit of the community.

As Swiss Days grew into a major event and attracting tens of thousands of visitors to our beautiful high mountain town, various groups donated their time to prepare food and beverage for our guests. Our guests were more than happy to pay for this taste of Swiss cuisine and the Boosters found a little extra money left over after paying all the operating expenses of the two-day event.

The Midway Boosters began to use this event to raise funds for community projects such as sponsoring the 4th of July parade, the nighttime fireworks display and decorating the streets with the American Flag’s. The Boosters produce the annual community Christmas Party known as “Swiss Christmas”

In 1998, the Midway Boosters made financial contributions to enable many talented young local high school students participate in educational trips to Washington, DC. The Boosters assisted the Snake Creek Preservation Group in acquiring land in the area for a permanent “open space easement” for future generations to enjoy the beautiful Wasatch Mountains unencumbered by mining and real estate development. The Boosters purchased a portable defibrillator and presented it to the Wasatch County Sheriff’s department and Fire District. This emergency unit along with the volunteer EMT’s responding the 911 calls has saved lives of stroke and heart attack victims due to the rapid response time.

In 1999 and 2000, The Boosters donated over $ 60,000 for the remodeling of the restrooms, kitchen and upstairs meetings rooms in the historic Midway Town Hall. 300 new folding chairs and storage racks were also purchased for the Midway Town Hall. Boosters sponsored the “End of the Century” 1999 News Years Eve party and fireworks display for the community. The generous contributions of time and talent of the the 30 board members of the Midway Boosters provide for many other projects and improvements to Midway City facilities and programs that would otherwise be left undone or result in higher city operating expenses and property taxes. A community ice skating rink on the Midway Town Square opened for the 2004 winter season.