In about 2000 the city was approached by Bob Simonsen who proposed a natural ice rink on the City square near the tall pine trees in the shade. The city council approved and supported the effort as Bob gathered some volunteers and created the rink. The city provided plywood dasher boards and purchased some used equipment and skates from the defunct Utah Lake State Park ice Rink. We scattered the skates out on the tables in the shelter and put a donation box near the door. The Midway Ice Rink was born with significant success. The donation amounts were in the hundreds of dollars each weekend and we felt we were on to something.

Due to the short natural ice season, we pursued the refrigerated rink options, buying more used equipment from a temporary rink in New Orleans including the current blue skates. With the County addition of several ball diamonds at South Fields Park, the use of the ball diamond at town square became limited so the council approved the construction of the current refrigerated rink.

With a group of volunteers, city employees and some sub-contractors, the site was excavated, gravel installed, leveled and prepped for the refrigeration tubing. A grant from the National Hockey Players Association was obtained which paid the majority of the cost of the dasher boards and the board anchors were set along with the steel and tubing placed and tied. The cement was poured by a commercial subcontractor from Salt Lake.

We were given 4 refrigeration units from the 2002 Olympics of which we only needed 1. The others were sold to defray the costs of the rink. The City also purchased used mobile trailers at a significant discount from the Olympics which now serve as the Skate Rental building and warming hut. It is estimated that the rink cost less than ½ of the estimated cost of a commercially built rink. Our thanks and gratitude to those who volunteered and worked so hard during construction and the first few years as the Ice Rink successfully became a part of our Midway winter wonderland and to those dedicated to see its success continue!