About Us

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About Us

The mission of the The Midway Boosters Corporation shall be:

  1. To preserve and perpetuate the cultural, social, and spiritual traditions of those who settled and built the Midway, Utah Community.
  2. To preserve and improve the economic, geographic, environmental, architectural, and educational aspects of the Midway, Utah Community.
  3. To foster goodwill and cooperation by continued sponsoring and being responsible for the annual Swiss Days’ Festival, the 4th of July celebration, Swiss Christmas, and any other wholesome community activities.
  4. To honor outstanding citizens, families or others as determined by the Board of Trustees.
  5. To extend a welcome to and invite participation in activities of the Corporation to those who establish residency in our community.
  6. To maintain and enhance the "Spirit of Midway" in all Booster activities.













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